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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yaay Spring time

I havent blogged in so long so I figured I would.

I just did a shoot for a photographer named Clair on Saturday the 16th. It had to be the hottest day ever she had me climbing steep hills and going through thorned bushes it was pretty intense, especially since I was in heels. I still had a blast though

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lip stick obsessed!

I've been going through an obsession with lipsticks lately. Lipsticks, false eyelashes and mascara are my current obsessions. The false lash obsession is probably because I don't know how to put them on I always buy them in the hopes that maybe one day I can put them on haha it literally takes me about an hour to put them on.

Anyway, lipstick! the darker the better. I usually buy MAC lipsticks but I lose them so easily lipsticks and lipglosses never last long with me i'm pretty sure my purse eats them haha so for that reason I have started buying drug store brands like Rimmel London and Revlon. I just bought a rimmel london lipstick and I love it, it does a great job for a $5.00 lipstick

Monday, November 8, 2010

I ♥ my bestfriend

Yesterday was my first photoshoot for my store and today I started posting some of the pics up. Im glad I chose my best friend to be my model she did an amazing job, she was a bit nervous but it was her first photoshoot ever I thought I could help ease her nerves, nope lol everytime she saw me standing there she would break out laughing. So I just fixed her hair and make up and walked away lol I styled her since everything shes wearing I sell <3